Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Has Arrived

This has been a great winter so far with lots of snow. It all melted earlier this month with 60 degree weather, but the temperatures soon dropped and the snow has started falling again. With a fresh new snowfall yesterday, the kids were out in force making Fox and Goose trails. Here are some pictures of the snowfall before Thanksgiving:

Our house covered in snow and icicles:

Some shots of the area around us:

Uncle Mark, reminded us to bring warm clothes for Thanksgiving because he had plans with his new 4-wheeler:

Oops! Joseph and Catherine got dumped.

If it looks cold, that's because it is!

Fortunately, though, Uncle Mark had a nice warm fire in the shop,

and there was some whipped cream being made for the pumpkin pies,

and a Grandpa to warm up with.


Angie said...

So hard to believe there's all that snow! Can't say I miss the cold, but I certainly miss the snow and the good ol' days! Great pictures!

Dan and Mimi said...

Hey Guys! these are all fantastic pictures!!!! Can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks - Mimi and Dan