Thursday, December 06, 2007

Clare's Baptism

Clare was baptized on October 27th at St. Peter & Paul's Parish by Fr. Brad Neely. We were blessed by a beautiful ceremony (including a very loudly crying Clare) and many wonderful family and friends who flew and drove from all parts to celebrate with us. Afterwards, we gathered together at our home for a wonderful party and finished the evening by being entertained by talented pianists and actors who were present. Thank you everyone that came!

Getting ready for the big event!

Forever changed!

Fr. Brad likes to bathe 'his babies' in the holy oils

The Proud Family!
By the looks of this picture, it's hard to believe that John and Joseph will make it another 5 hours into the night...we tucked some extremely exhausted - but happy - children in bed at Midnight!

The Godfather

The Godmother

The surprise visitor/photographer

The Gommie (Clare is wearing the Baptismal gown that Gommie made for her children. It has seen many a Baptism!)

The Family

The Cake

The Mommy & Daddy

The Cool Big Brother

The Mommy and The Tuckered Out Star of the Evening

The next day was one of those perfect indian summer days! Wow was it beautiful!

Joseph enjoying the warm fall day

Lounging on the lawn

Mr. GQ

We just love the following photos....two beautiful Elder women with one of the newest additions to the Elder clan! (Clare is Gommie's 17th grandchild and Grandma Elder's 113th great-grandchild. Grandma Elder will celebrate her 98th birthday in January!)

Gommie & Clare (Wow! Gommie hardly looks 50!)

Godmother again! She looks like she fits right in out in Idaho, eh?! ;)

With all the visitors, this was the first time we needed 10 seats!

Pack 'em in!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and the comment about me fitting in out there in Idaho. Guess I had it coming! Wish I could see you guys more often.