Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fr. Jonathan St. Andre

After having this in my drafts for over 8 months I'm finally getting it posted! Enjoy.

For having never been to an ordination in my life, I have now gone to two in the last six months (editor note: remember that was 8 months ago!). In June (that is 2006) my cousin Fr. Ben was ordained for the diocese of Boise, for which I hope to post some pictures later. Then on December 9th, a good friend, Steubenville Alumnus, In His Image household brother, and roommate for a semester, Jonathan St. Andre was ordained to the Franciscan order of TORs (Third Order Regular) in Loretto, Pennsylvania. What a beautiful ceremony and a superb priest.

In the mist of juggling John, we didn't get any good shots of the ceremony, but we did get some afterwards.

Newly ordained Fr. Jonathan

The singing friars

We also ran into some old classmates from college.

Kevin and Anne Schmiesing and their family

Lisa Farmer

Fr. Dominic, Fr. Jonathan, Lisa Farmer, and Paul Portenlanger.

Then it was off to see Maura's old Texas A&M housemate and her family.

Maura & Emily & Ben

We met Spiderman (aka Nathan)

Mary Therese


John was feeling pretty spoiled by the end of the trip ... he didn't have to share Mommy and Daddy with any of his siblings.

John on the airplane

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