Friday, December 22, 2006

Our Christmas Tree (Part I)

The Freshly Cut Tree

The fewer branches there are, the fewer ornaments you need, the fewer ornaments to break, the less lights required, and the quicker the decorating job! ;) No, actually, it is quite a nice tree. And so fresh that after being up for 5 days it has hardly lost a single needle, despite the number of times it has been brushed up against by kids, scooters, rocking chairs, flying objects and the like.

Chopping Down the Tree

O.K. So John isn't so sure this tree-hunting business is as fun as everyone says!

Theresa Enjoying the Snow

The snow was much more plentiful in the mountains than on the prairie, so the kids enjoyed the adventure of tromping through the snowy forest. Well, they mostly enjoyed it. A few tears (o.k., maybe more than a few!) were shed when they would suddenly find themselves waist deep in the snow and feeling a bit cold and helpless. Amazingly enough, though, the hardships were quickly forgotten and by the time we returned home their hearts were filled with wonderful memories of our trip to the mountains to find a Christmas tree.

Eleven Years and Counting!

A Date Night in Loretto, PA.

In celebration of the 11th anniversary of when Greg first invited me out on a date! :) Who would have believed....