Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Uncle Matt visits Idaho

What a treat! Maura's brother Matthew came to Idaho to visit for a long weekend. We all had a great time showing him our home and a little bit of the area where we live.

Uncle Matt "warming up" for the Clearwater Tubing Adventure.

Trying to recover from hypothermia and frostbite after the now renamed Clearwater and Icicles Tubing Adventure.

A little background to the above pictures. We had gone down to the river a week previously when the temps were over 100 degrees and the water was wonderful. The day we decide to take our Texas visitor tubing, the temp dipped into the low 80s. The water, thus, was a bit chilly, even for the hardened Idahoans. Then to top it off, it got pretty windy half way down the river ... with a wind chill temp probably in the 60s. Needless to say, we were all happy to have a warm fire when we got back!!

Dinner on the deck

Going crazy with Uncle Matt

Catherine and her Godfather

Joseph teaching Uncle Matt a few tricks

John enjoying a book with Uncle Matt

The Mentos Experiment

The Mentos Experiment in Action

After some attempts by the fire after our river adventure, we fine tuned the experiment by putting the Mentos on straightened paper clips and dropping the whole string into the Diet Coke. As you can see, it worked pretty well. I wonder what form the next brainstorm will take??!!! (Check out this video that sparked our own experiments:

Thanks, Matt, we really had a great time and hope you can come back soon!

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