Sunday, September 18, 2005

Should have bought a lottery ticket

Little did I know or even suspect what was to happen as I walked out the door last night to attend "Mystery Night", a fund raiser for our local Catholic school, Summit Academy.

Having never been to a "Mystery Night" before, Maura and I were excited to experience the event. To attend, you buy a $100 ticket, good for a couple. That ticket gets you a wonderful dinner, a chance at some great prizes, and a bidding number for both the silent and live auctions. Since there are only 350 tickets sold, there's a pretty good chance to walk away with something.

It is an elimination type raffel, if they draw your ticket out, you are out of the running for the Grand Prize, $10,000 worth of gift certificates. Every 10th ticket that is drawn has a chance to win a prize. And then the final 10 people with tickets left in the basket are brought up on a stage in front of the crowd and the real fun begins. They draw out one ticket and do a skit where they somehow eliminate one of the "contestants". The last one left on stage is the winner of the grand prize.

To our great surprise, we made it to the final round and I had the pleasure of going up on stage. Skit after skit I "stayed alive" and in the end our ticket was the only one left in the basket! Wow, can you believe it!! We sure couldn't. They asked me right away what I thought I do with the winnings and I said I really didn't know, since I didn't even know what the list of prizes were! What an amazing night! Thank you Summit Academy.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

House guests revisited

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about some interesting house guests we had been having. Well, I finally got the video up on our website. A word of warning ... It is a 45 meg download, so dial-up visitors beware. Click on the picture to start the download. And one more thing, you need a quicktime player to watch it. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gommie turns 70!

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Texas to celebrate Maura's mom's, Phyllis McAndrew, 70th birthday. We have quite a few fun pictures from the trip to share, so we'll start off with some shots from the birthday.

There were actually two birthday's being celebrated that weekend, Phyllis' and her grandson's, Sean Malone. As you can see Sean is not vertically challenged!
The birthday duo

Maura, Phyllis, and Nicole at the party

The next day, Phyllis' actual birthday, Theresa thought she was being quite clever as she snuck up behind Gommie and tied Gommie's birthday balloon to her belt loop.
The birthday girl

Of course, with the whole family together, there was the customary family portrait.
The entire McAndrew clan plus one!

And this was such a cute picture that I couldn't help to not throw it in!
Grandma Elder and John