Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Our REAL house guests

Our first house guest was Maura's mom, Phyllis. She arrived just a week after John was born and stayed until the end of July. She was a tremendous help as we adjusted to our new addition. I just hope our other guests didn't make her trip too memorable! (See previous post).

Phyllis, Catherine, and John just after Phyllis' arrival

John's Baptism

Then, right before we left for Texas, the Taylors dropped by on their way home from Pittsburg with their new car.

Laurel and Ryan and Theresa, Joseph, and Catherine

Laurel and John

Not only did we visit, but they really helped us as we were getting ready to leave! Ryan changed the oil in our car and then washed and detailed the car. And if that wasn't enough, he got on the lawn mower and mowed the lawn!! Thank you very much!

Ryan and Joseph mowing the lawn

Laurel and the girls

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