Sunday, August 28, 2005

House Guests

Little did we know who would answer Maura's "come one, come all" invitation!

First there were the friendly earwigs:

We'd come home at night and there would be thirty of these critters covering our floor. It became our nightly "Earwig Jig" as we would dance across the floor trying to avoid squishing them under foot. Ok, ok, so it wasn't that bad, but they are so small that they can get into everything. We found them in towels, clothing, the toilet, the refrigerator, and under the toaster. The worst was one Sunday morning as we are making coffee, finding twenty of them crawling up and down the glass water level tube. We even teased that they had gotten into closed pop cans!

The infestation has stopped, thank goodness, we think due to turning all the lights off at night and bagging the grass on our yard. Not surprisingly, though, Maura has become quite adept in the use of a fly-swatter!!

And just as the earwig problem was resolving itself, here came our second set of visitors:

This second infestation probably had something to do with our landlord cutting the hay in the fields and scaring them into our house. I enjoyed the 'hunt' through the house, but it sure excited Maura and the kids. Catherine, though, surprised me as I was showing them the first dead mouse, still warm and soft. She wanted me to wrap it up in a blanket so she could take it to bed with her!!!

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