Sunday, July 10, 2005

Three men and a baby!

Three men and a baby!
(Fr. Ed White, Chisup Kim, Ed Hopfner)

Do you believe in coincidences? Sometimes things happen with such clockwork that I'd rather believe there was something divine about it. That is what happened June 27th.

Maura's mother, Phyllis, made plans to fly into town to see the new baby and help our family out for a while. At the same time, a good friend of ours from Texas A&M, Chisup, whom we had lost touch with, gave us a call and said that he would be in Eastern Washington and would like to visit us in Seattle on his way back to North Carolina. Seattle ... well, we don't live in Seattle any more, but it turned out he wasn't too far away, so we arranged to meet him for lunch in Lewiston, ID (map), when picking up Phyllis from the airport.

Well, on the way down to Lewiston, we got a phone call from some Seattle friends who were passing through Cottonwood, ID, and thought they'd try to look us up. They dropped into town, stopped at the city hall, which happened to be open, and asked if anyone knew where we lived. The city clerk said she didn't know where we lived, but she knew my parent's phone number. They called and my sister Rachel was home ... by herself ... which never happens ... and she gave them my cell phone number ... the new number ... that I had just changed. How she knew that number I still don't know.

So, that is how they happened to call us right before we lost cell coverage. And, since they were on their way through Lewiston, too, we arranged for them to give us a call when they got into town and we all would meet for lunch.

We got to the Lewiston airport early and were waiting for Phyllis' flight, when Chisup called to tell us he had just arrived in town. So we had him meet us at the airport.

A couple minutes later, our Seattle friends, Fr. Ed and Ed, called saying they had just gotten to town! So we had them meet us at the airport.

Just then, Phyllis' plane touched down and she was in the lobby minutes later. Within two minutes, Chisup arrived, and within another couple minutes, the two Eds were there, too! What a reunion! Once all the pleasentries were made and the luggage was gathered, we all went off to have a nice lunch at Zany's Hollywood Grill. They kids had fun watching the electric train, Chisup had fun holding the one week old John, and we all had a great time catching up.

Dinner at Zany's

What is the significance of the paths of a seminarian for the Diocese of Raleigh, North Carolina (Chisup), a priest from Seattle, ordained just two weeks previously (Fr. Ed), a theology student in Berkeley, CA (Ed), a grandmother from Texas (Phyllis), and a family from rural Idaho(us), all crossing one beautiful day?? I probably will never know, but I still marvel at how everything fell in place for us to all meet for lunch. We are so grateful for such good friends and for the unexpected opportunity to spend an afternoon with them!

Oh, one last thing ... guess who, after inquiring into their next stop, we discovered the Eds were on their way to visit? The family of one of my college roommates! WOW! What a small world ... even in the Great Northwest!

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