Friday, June 24, 2005

We welcome John Thomas into our family!

Introducing John Thomas Uhlenkott!

Our little John Thomas was born Monday, June 20, at 2:16pm. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. We are all so glad to have him with us -- he is truly a miracle!

Ah...what a nice rest! That birth stuff isn't easy!

Mommy and little John.

Mommy and John share a few special moments together. He was a rather stubborn boy during the labor, but fortunately by the time he finially arrived, he was pretty darn cute and Mommy quickly forgave him! :) What a precious little boy -- how Good God has been to us!!

Daddy introducting John to his big sisters and big brother.

Meeting their little brother for the first time!

What a great moment!! Theresa, Joseph, and Catherine welcomed little John with such joy and excitement. There is not doubt he will be well loved!

Finally getting to hold John ...

Theresa cannot hold John enough. And her repeated phrase is "I just can't believe he is ours." She will be a great help in the days ahead.

... after eight long months of waiting!

Catherine and Joseph are learning about being a big sister and big brother and are loving it. I think having to share him with the rest of the family will prove to be a challenge! Perhaps they would have rathered twins. :)

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