Saturday, June 04, 2005

Our Little House on the Prairie

Here are some shots of our new place on the Camas Prairie!

Our new home

We moved in May 7th and are starting to feel a little settled. Our landlady had just remodeled the whole house ... new wood flooring, new bathrooms, new insulation, new heaters. She really did a lot to this place. Our only concern is the water. It is a hand dug well, but it is pretty close to the feed lot. They say it gets dirty a couple weeks in the spring when it is really wet. We should probably get it tested.

A view from Lukes Gulch Road

We are a good bit off the road, so Maura likes that with the little ones. We are also in a bit of a draw so that we don't see any of the neighbors. Our own little private residence.

Getting buzzed by our friendly spray plane pilot

And little did we know that later he would be back to spray another field that would put him directly overhead! Didn't get pictures of that one ... we were to busy ducking! :) Actually we were to busy running from one side of the house to the other. Joseph was in heaven!

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