Monday, June 20, 2005

Home Birth

Yes, they do have hospitals out here in rural Idaho, but, yep, we tried the home birth option this time anyway ... and it was awesome. Awesome in every sense of the word. To be in the comfort of your own home, to be in the presence of extremely competent midwives who also understand the power and necessity of prayer and join in with your prayer, to have your baby in their own home from the very first moments of life outside of the womb ... the list could go on and on.

Our midwife, Sherry Riener, and one of her fellow midwives, Cathy Ward, did a great job and we felt totally at ease with them. The way certain things were handled made me know that they were very much on top of the situation, and that if anything needed to be done that they couldn't do, they would have had us in a hospital before we would have even known we were being transported. Sherry and Cathy love the mothers and babies they minister to and would never do anything that would put them in any danger. And here are some pictures of Sherry when she came back to our house to check up on Maura and John.

Sherry, our wonderful midwife

Sherry and the kids

Thank you very much Sherry and Cathy!!

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