Monday, June 20, 2005

E. coli!!

Well, we did get our water tested and the results were not good. They found E. coli in the water. Yuck!! Luckily we hadn't been drinking the water and according to the EPA, most strains of E. coli are not harmful. So, odds are we are ok.

So, I thought that maybe just cleaning the well would help in that regard. But, after Purexing the heck out of it and then re-testing it, E. coli was still found in the water.

Meanwhile, we needed some clean water. Most strains of E. coli might be harmless, but if there are any strains in the water, the water is susceptible to contamination from animal waste, and thus the possibility for coming across the dangerous strand is very real. Fortunately, we are water and pump people, so out comes the leaky water tank which we were able to plumb into the house.

Still, seeking a more permanent solution (you'd be surprised how quickly 500 gallons are used!), we thought we'd approach our landlady and see if she would be willing to drill a well for us. (She had wanted to drill before, but had spent so much on the remodel that she thought the drilling could wait a while.)

As luck would have it, the day Maura went to see her, she ended up being in the hospital and had almost died the previous night. Providentially, her docs were able to diagnose the problem as Wegener's Disease, a rare auto-immune disease of the blood vessels, and start treatment immediately. Her road to recovery looks to be a long one (say a prayer for her!) and so obviously she is not in shape to deal with our water problem.

So Now what??!!

Just when we had almost lost all hope ... Miracles of miracles, my dad knows her son, Bob. So he called him up and before you know it, the well drill was driving up! What an answer to prayers! Definitely a small miracle. After 3-4 weeks of having to get water every other day, and dealing with a limited water supply, we now have a much greater appreciation for access to good clean water!

My cousin Brett came over on a Saturday,figured out a good place to put the well, set up the drill, and started drilling

After going through some good top soil, we hit some red clayand then we hit some surface water and things started to get a little messy.
Brett, Paul, and I watch on.

Fortunately, we soon hit hard rock (30 - 35 feet), and Brett stopped drilling to drive some casing and seal off the ground water. Once the 30 feet of casing was in the ground and the hole was dry again, drilling commenced. Fifty feet later we were out of the rock and back into a hard clay. After another 10 - 15 feet, it was time to call it a day.

Now is when it gets interesting.

First off, Brett and Co. are worried that this hard clay is the cap to a high pressure artesian well. Sounds good in theory, but they are actually a pain in the bum. Plus, Brett wasn't so sure his seal would hold and the water might come up around the outside of the casing.

Secondly, Monday, June 20th, was the day they were to start drilling again ... and if you've read the post above, you know what else was happening on June 20th. Needless to say, neither Maura nor I was out there taking pictures!!

So, while Maura and I are busy getting John here, Brett and Co. pulls up and starts drilling right outside our window! I don't think Sherry or Kathy had ever had that sort of birthing experience before.

Now, Brett decided not to worry about the artesian possibility and to plunge on. All I know is that later that afternoon, they hit water

... at 2:15pm to be precise.

What is the significance of that!!! John and Water within one minute of each other!!! Wow! Water is the sign of new life and here we have new life!

And not only was it water, but it was a lot of water ... at least 80 gallons per minute. Small cities would be able to function on 80 gpm! That is a double, triple Wow!


Here is a shot of when we first hit water ... the surface water. This is probably about 5 to 10 gallons per minute. Now imagine this picture with 10 to 20 times the amount of water!

Thank God for small miracles: our water and our beautiful little boy!

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