Sunday, May 22, 2005

What's missing??!!

Yep, Theresa lost her first tooth! And like all things she does, it wasn't the conventional way most children loose their first tooth. She had to make it interesting.

Theresa acquired a couple cats that have been living in the hayloft in the barn, and being the responsible young girl she is, she would feed them every day ... well, maybe every third or fourth day if they were lucky ... but, in any case, this happened to be one of those lucky days for the cats. Theresa has a special way that she feeds these cats ... she fills up a small bucket with cat food which she brings down to the barn, so as not to have to bring cat food down every time. This also happened to be one of the days where she had to refill her cat food bucket.

The problem with the bucket is that she can't climb the ladder to the hayloft and carry the bucket at the same time. So she devised the scheme of tying some bailer twine to the bucket, putting the twine between her teeth, climbing the ladder, and then proceeding to pull the bucket up to the loft. Pretty ingenious, except in this particular case, when she somehow dropped the bucket ... with the twine still between her teeth! Out popped a tooth.

Now, even more amazing was the fact that she didn't cry at all, except maybe cries of joy. I have hardly ever seen her more excited and happy. To her, losing the tooth was a rite of passage. Now she really is a big girl!

We never did find that tooth, but Theresa was bound and determined to have the Tooth Fairy stop by, so she wrote a letter explaining the situation, put the letter under her pillow, and sure enough, the Tooth Fairy took care of her! :)

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