Sunday, December 05, 2004

Welcome to Idaho

Can you belive it! It has already been four weeks since the big move. The weather has gotten colder, we've had some great snowfalls and beautiful sunny days, and now it is already December.

Dad and Paul have already put me to work with some big jobs. And, just to give you a sense of that, normally the pipe down the well is 1", but the last few weeks we have been dealing with 4", 5", and 6" pipe! These pipes are so big, that a small child could fall down them. And to make it more interesting, we had to pull the 6" one twice and we still aren't done. The 6" job is for the City of Grangeville. We set the new pump, but then there was a short down the hole, so we had to pull it out to see what happened. It turned out there was a cut in the wire from either the factory or from a rock as we set it the first time. Now we have to fix the wire and then set it again. Maura came to visit the first day, and took some shots.

We had to hire a crane since our hoist wouldn't even be able to touch the weight.

Getting the wrenches all set ...

and then wrenching it tight.

Taping the wire and airline to the pipe.

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