Thursday, November 04, 2004

New job, new house, new ...

Why does it always seem to happen in three's! I'm actually surprised that we don't have triplets! Yes, that's right! We have a new little one growing away in the warmth and comfort of Maura's tummy. We were able to get our first look yesterday and saw his little heart just beating away as healthy as ever.

At just under a centimeter in length, the latest Uhlenkott is causing havoc with his mother. How can someone so small cause so much trouble! :) Thank you to Maura for taking on this sacrifice for our family. We really do appreciate it.

It will be a relief once the next few months of sickness are past, the moving is over, and we are settled in our new place. We are looking forward to seeing our new baby in the flesh on Father's Day.

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