Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I guess it was bound to happen at some point: We are leaving the Seattle area. We have met so many wonderful people out here and it makes us sad to have to say good bye to all of you.

We are off to the land of the Idahoans to make water for the natives. We will be joining forces with my brother Paul and my Dad in the family business of the installation and service of domestic and public water systems. Basically that means a whole new line of work as I get down and dirty digging ditches, pulling pumps, wiring control curcuits, and a host of other interesting and physical tasks.

We are really looking forward to living close to family and having a more active occupation. No more sitting day after day in front of the computer. I will admit, though, that I will really miss that life. Hopefully the fresh air, clean water, and crystal clear skies will help sooth the withdrawl symptoms!

Let the packing begin!

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