Friday, October 01, 2004

Feast of St. Theresa

Today is a very special day for our family, as it is the day we were engaged (yes 6 years ago!) and it is both Theresa's and Maura's feast day.

The following picture is part of a St. Theresa story. Maura has been doing a novena to St. Theresa leading up to today's feast day. Last week, our local Catholic radio station, Sacred Heart Radio (KBLE AM-1050), was having their annual Pledge Drive. Maura, unable to tune in to much of the event, finally was able to listen to the last hour or so of the Pledge Drive, during which she called in and made our standard pledge. Somehow that small gift won the prize for that hour and the prize was the most beautiful bouquet of roses I've ever seen. The flowers were definitely a gift from heaven for Maura. Thank you St. Theresa.

Happy Feast Day, St. Theresa!

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